PeeSafe: Your Safeguard Against Dirty Toilets

PeeSafe toilet seat sanitizer provides security against harmful germs and bacteria that stay put on the toilet seats especially those in the public washrooms It is not always possible to not use the public washroom and hold onto to the pee as it is harmful to the health too. PeeSafe toilet seat sanitizer helps you overcome the fear of using the public toilet by sanitizing and disinfecting the toilet seat and making it safe for use.

PeeSafe is really coming up in a big way now as many are now talking about this wonder product that is proving to be a boon to the users. PeeSafe was featured as the company of the month in the last year September issue of startUP 360. PeeSafe is India’s top-selling toilet seat sanitizer spray that provides complete safety and protection against the deadly germs and bacteria on the toilet seat.

For those who are not aware of a toilet seat sanitizer, these questions would clear your doubts.

What is a toilet seat sanitizer?

A toilet seat sanitizer is a spray contains rubbed IPA formulation that destroys the harmful germs and bacteria within a few seconds and makes the toilet seat hygienic and safe for use. It provides protection against diseases like UTI(Urinary Tract Infection), Staph and Herpes.

Why use a toilet seat sanitizer?

The toilet seat of a public washroom is infested with germs and bacteria. A toilet seat sanitizer spray helps get rid of these germs and provide protection against unhygienic conditions and ensures complete safety. You don’t have to hold on to your pee and search for a clean washroom. A toilet seat sanitizer spray is the best solution for this.

Does a toilet seat sanitizer provide protection against germs?

Yes, a toilet seat sanitizer provides protection against the harmful germs and bacteria on the toilet seat. You can also use the spray or the wipes to clean the taps, faucets, and doorknobs of the public washroom and get total protection against germs.

Is a toilet seat sanitizer easy to carry?

Yes, a toilet seat sanitizer spray easily fits into your purse or bag and is very compact and handy. You can also carry a 10ml spray bottle in your pocket and ensure a germ-free and hygienic toilet experience any time anywhere.

Can a toilet seat sanitizer be used as is?

toilet seat sanitizer spray is always ready to use and starts sanitizing the toilet seat within 5 seconds of application. It also evaporates within a few seconds leaving no residue and making the area clean and germ-free to use


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