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The only two period products you need during your monthly cycles. The Biodegradable Sanitary Pads and Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On will ensure your menstrual cycle to be safe and painless. 

1. 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads 
These are made entirely of bamboo pulp along with organic cotton. The organic cotton is grown through a natural process without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers to ensure your direct contact with the pad is safe and secure. 

Every girl spends an average of 40,320 hours wearing sanitary pads in a lifetime. A regular sanitary pad remains in constant touch with your intimate area during this time. It's time to make the switch! You deserve organic.

2. Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On
Every month nature visits us and reminds us to take it slow for 5 odd days. Bleeding, mood swings, cramps – all these troubles have turned normal for almost every woman. 

We believe that while bleeding is natural, we need to put an end to the pain that comes along. So we have curated an innovative product to tackle pain - Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On - a 100% herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous and instant relief from muscle cramps during the bloody days.  

It has ‘Satva Pudina’ that is a natural pain reliever with fresh and soothing fragrance extracts of Eucalyptus Oil is anti-inflammatory in nature which helps calm irritability, hence helps to elevate your mood instantly.