Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wipes - Set of 4 (40 Wipes)

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Do you feel unclean after using public washrooms? Don’t feel like using scratchy toilet paper? Need a solution to be used on the go without any scare of catching infection! Then Pee Safe is here with Natural Intimate wipes to help you stay fresh and clean wherever and whenever. These skin-friendly intimate wipes are made of viscose, making it gentle against the skin.

PeeSafe Natural Intimate Wipes provides with the ultimate care and cleanliness of your intimate area. They are made from viscose making them extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and freshens your intimate area without any hassle. Proper care is taken by the skin-friendly pH balance. It is made from the natural extracts like Tea Tree Essential Oil. Wipes are Alcohol, Paraben and SLS free. Its usage provides with freshness, prevents rashes and allergies.

It contains the natural essence of Tea Tree essentials making it refreshing. The Lactic Acid formula helps to balance the pH of the intimate skin area. It contains No Alcohol which saves the skin from any burns or rash. Paraben and SLS free mixture make it chemical free and easy-to-use by anyone without any side effects. Best results to be seen when used with Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash. It provides freshness without any rashes and moistens the skin while batting any allergies or infection off.

Product Key Features:

  • Soft wipes made from viscose
  • Skin friendly pH
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Paraben and SLS Free
  • Hypoallergenic

Customer Reviews

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Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wipes - Set of 4 (40 Wipes)

Refreshing Wipes

this wipes are very good.


Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wipes - Set of 4 (40 Wipes)


Extremely useful product for a girl, would recommend everyone to use!


The wipes are hygienic and handy, and the pack of 4 is a great deal!

Thanks for bringing these to me

I am someone who really feels the need to clean up after urinating and not all washrooms are equipped with toilet paper! Your wipes have helped me through that and I love that they have tea tree oil which help with yeast infections as well as lactic acid which helps with maintaining ph. The only thing I would ask is for you to also sell larger quantities per pack, 10 wipes is not enough. Maybe a packs of 10 and 40 should exist, I'd definitely buy the 10 pack on the go and keep the 40 pack at home. Amazing product though! Kudos!

Good products

I never thought the products are this good. Good smell.

My travel companion

Oh I loved it... Great fragrance, hygienic in nature, my perfect partner

All-time partner

Perfect product... can be used at anytime

ideal product

Its a very ideal product to use while traveling...

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