Anti Pollution Dust Mask N95

Rs. 249

With increasing population and vehicles on the streets, pollution is a rising concern. The air quality index is at an all time high which can cause serious breathing problems especially for people with asthma.  

Pollution shouldn't be an obstruction between you and your lifestyle. With pollution safe dust mask, you can breathe better and safe. With N95 Anti Dust Face Mask, it filters out 95% of the toxins present in the air with the help of the 4 layers present in the mask. 

N95 Grade Mask are more favourable than N99 masks. Though they filter out 4% more polluted particles but breathing with N95 mask is better and less resistant by 50%. It means you can wear the N95 mask for longer duration without feeling suffocated.

People over 60, pregnant ladies and children are especially advised to wear the N95 pollution masks. The government recommends N95 filter class especially for those mask wearers who are young, active or have impaired lung function.

Key Features 

  • A perfect facial fit with earlobes.
  • Filters out 95% toxins in highly polluted environment.
  • The valves help in easy breathing and reduces build up of heat and humidity.
  • The four layers of the mask help in preventing the entry of non oily particles.
  • The mask filters out dust, microorganisms and other pollutants.