Pee Safe Disposable Maternity Pads

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Sometimes a woman needs a hygiene solution beyond a sanitary pad or panty liner or any other similar product. Beyond the usual periods lie some temporary health conditions and life stage related issues like childbirth (postpartum bleeding), bladder incontinence or uncertain bladder leaks. During a pregnancy, the volume of blood in a woman’s body will increase by 30 to 50 percent. At the time of delivery, and after having no period for the last 10 months, it may seem like the heaviest period of your life, which lasts for 2 to 6 weeks. Pee Safe Maternity Pads are just the perfect go-to solution for such stage that is super-absorbent in nature for the heaviest flows. Apart from pregnancy-related need, these are superior to the regular sanitary pads for your monthly heavy period flows as well.


Another pressing health aspect is Urinary Incontinency. Bladder leakage, better known as incontinence, can happen at any stage in a person’s life. These pads are designed to absorb such leaks and avoid unfavorable circumstances. The pad is soft to the skin owing to an extra-soft top layer of the pad. It not just absorbs but also locks odor and prevent any foul smell to spread. The soft elastic sides help to prevent any leaks. Even the specifically crafted anatomical shape ensures air circulation and prevents wetness. Pee Safe Disposable Maternity Pad comes in two size variants – Long (280 mm) and Extra-Long (320 mm). So be it post-childbirth, or heavy period flow or urinary incontinence – these pad are super effective and easy to use, hence come as perfect hygiene solution.

 Product Key Features

  • Quick Absorbent – This pad is specifically designed for heavy flow, be it post child delivery life stage or even heavy bleeding during regular periods.
  • Extra Soft – This pad has a very soft top layer for your utmost comfort. You won’t feel any different wearing it in spite of the pad is slightly thicker than regular sanitary pad
  • Locks Odour – As it absorbs the wetness, it locks the odor in and hence prevents the odor from spreading. So there would never be any unfavorable circumstances or awkwardness in such difficult situations.
  • Anatomical Shape – Owing to its specially curated shape, this pad ensures air circulation and it helps to avoid any wetness feeling.
  • Elastic Sides – The sides of this pad are elastic and soft, that stays in place along with your movements and helps prevent any leakages.
Directions for Use:
  1. Remove adhesive strip
  2. Press firmly on underwear
  3. After use, roll the used pad and dispose in dustbin