Pee Safe- India’s leading personal hygiene brand helping India to fight health issues brought on by unhygienic conditions in washrooms. With Pee Safe, people feel more comfortable in using public washrooms as it provides them a germ-free and insta-hygiene experience.

The idea for Pee Safe was conceived when Srijana, w/o Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe suffered from a UTI in 2013 during a road trip. After this personal experience, the couple came upon the idea of a sanitization spray, which was then created and used within their social groups, family and friends.Understanding the the sensitivity of this problem faced by majority of the Indian population on a daily basis. They decided to expand the distribution of Pee Safe in the Indian Market.

We then pledged to build Pee Safe aiming at personal hygiene of women by making them available products which help them keep safe, clean and healthy. We wish to empower our women with good health and easy hygiene solutions from Pee Safe.

The brand has been awarded both as ‘Emerging health brand of the year’ and the ‘Best Health Start-up of the year’ by ‘India Health and Wellness Awards 2017’.